Cusco’s 12 point stone

Here I am standing next to the 12 point stone in Cusco Peru. This stone is very famous, I know it’s famous because every time I walk by it the guy who is standing there “guarding” it indicates the stone and says, “the famous 12 point stone,” with a happy smile. He then offers to tell you more about it for a small price which I always decline.

I suppose I’m a little bit cynical, but I never buy anybody’s “tales” about how these stones or ruins came to be or what their purpose was. It just seems like most of the time, people are just making things up and, being an equal opportunity person like I am, I don’t place any more value on the invented stories of a guy with a PhD from Harvard, or a simple peasant from the mountains, or myself for that matter.

When I’m in Cusco, I like to walk around and just get the sense of the place with no real knowledge of the history. Frankly, nothing exists but right now, so focus on that (starting to sound like Yoda again).

However, there was one time when I was walking past the 12 point stone and the guy pointed at it and said, “that’s the 12 point stone.”

to which I replied, “I know…I BUILT it!”

To which HE replied, (in English), “you are a LIAR!”

Pretty funny. Nothing beats antagonizing people in distant lands.

Oh, this stone is also on the side of all bottles of Cusquena!

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