Dan Brown in Lima

Much maligned author Dan Brown made an appearance in Lima today…or at least a cardboard cut-out of the guy made an appearance (on Larco of course), to promote his latest book “Infierno,” which will soon be made into a film starring Tom Hanks probably.
I have to say that although I’m not really a fan of Dan Brown’s work, I am a fan of the guy. Good for anyone who makes a billion dollars as a writer. What I especially like about Dan Brown is how he pisses off all the pretentious literary assholes out there who rip apart everyone’s work mainly out of envy over the fact that they’ve never written anything anyone would want to look twice at.
When you read Dan Brown, it’s like a victory of the writer over the editor. I’ve only read “The Da Vinci Code” but basically every sentence is the type of thing most idiot editors have a field day over. What was the story with how that book was edited? Did the editor just say, “to hell with it, I’m not going to bother with all the insufferable, snitty crap I torture most authors with?” and as a result of taking the “hands-off” approach, the book went on to make the author a multi-millionaire? 
It’s just funny, and the book provides fodder for any writer who is dealing with an irritating editor. The thing is, the publisher is always on your side, because they’re worried about making money, not doing things by a set of rules established in the 1700’s by a bunch of radical grammar nazis who didn’t like Shakespeare (that’s actually where a lot of our most annoying grammar rules come from). When you’re fighting with the editor, just keep telling the publisher “well…all I’m saying is look what it did for Dan Brown” and the publisher should reach over and slap the editor in the face like she deserves (they’re always “she” in my experience).
Keep fighting the good fight Dan Brown!
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