Death to Joran Van Der Sloot!

You’ve probably heard about this guy Joran Van der Sloot by now, but I figured that since he’s in the news, I probably better comment on him.  For those of you who haven’t heard about this guy, it’s a pretty terrible story.

Apparently this guy is the chief suspect in the case of an American girl who went missing in Aruba (and by “suspect” what is meant that everybody and his brother knows that Joran Van der Sloot killed this girl, and it’s just that the feds have been slow about putting together a solid case against him).
Well, Van der Sloot killed this girl in Aruba, and then extorted like $25,000 out of the girl’s family  [update: I read a news report today that said the FBI gave him the money] by telling them that he’d reveal what happened to their daughter if they payed him $250,000 (talk about scum, I mean these parents are still grieving the death of their child and this guy calls them up and demands $250,000 to tell them what happened to her?).
They sent him the money (thus incriminating Van der Sloot for extortion…but the FBI didn’t react and detain him) and he went to Peru where he picked up a girl in the Fiesta  [correction: it was Atlantic City] casino and took her to his cheap “rent by the hour” hotel where he was living.  In the morning, he went out for coffee and when he returned the girl questioned him about the murder accusations and he went into a rage about her “invading his privacy” and beat/strangled her to death in the hotel.
The part I find most chilling about this story is that people observed Van der Sloot heading out in the morning for coffee.  At that moment in time, the young Peruvian woman was still alive.  If only Van der Sloot had been hit by a car on his way back to the hotel, she’d still be alive today.
But that’s not the case.  Van der Sloot killed her and then fled to Chile where he was subsequently arrested.
I was thinking about this deal this morning at the gym, and what the whole thing reinforces with me is that if somebody EVER hurts somebody in your family…laws be damned, you’ve got to take that sucker out!  I think of the parents of the first girl that Van der Sloot killed and I feel a lot of empathy for them since they decided to abide by the rules and do everything the way it’s “supposed” to be done, and as a result of the incompetence of the investigating bodies Van der Sloot remained free to go and kill again.
Let me make one thing clear, the family of the Aruba victim (I see no need to repeat anyone’s name but Van der Sloot’s) bears no fault whatsoever.  However, in watching this thing play out, I’ve come to the conclusion that if you definitively KNOW (and that’s the tricky thing, but in this Van der Sloot case there was ample evidence including a taped confession) that somebody is responsible for physically hurting a member of your family, in my opinion, you should take that guy out.
Just think about it.  I’m sure everybody who reads this blog has suffered one traumatic event or another in the course of their lifetime.  I know that I have, and I also know that I can’t even imagine what losing a child might do to you.  I think you’d be distraught beyond imagination.  I think you’d be going through a hell that is indescribable and which has never made its way into any kind of accurate representation in film or literature.  You can watch the press conferences of people who have suffered this kind of devastating loss.  It’s absolutely crippling.
When somebody does that to you, it’s plain and simple, the guilty party no longer deserves to live.  Van der Sloot didn’t just kill two innocent girls, he irreparably destroyed the ability of two whole families to live.
So, in my opinion, if you’re ever faced with that situation (God forbid), and you really have no way of ever integrating again with regular society because of what some horrid monster did to you and the ones you love, I think you should go ahead and get some blood on your hands.  I mean, could you really fault a person who took vengeance on a man or woman who had killed a child?  Do you think a jury would ever be able to convict a person in that situation?
Joran Van der Sloot (who is Dutch) should get no release from cruel and unusual punishment in my opinion.  The guy has an icy stare that seems to suggest he feels no remorse over the disgusting grease stain on humanity that has been his life.
Well, I personally think he should be made to feel some remorse…and there are plenty of ways to break a guy publicly.
In fact, I think there should be a show called “24 hours of torturing Joran Van der Sloot” that goes on until we see remorse in his eyes, and then for another week or two after until everybody feels cleansed of the fact that such a repugnant monster ever came into being.
There are legal loopholes for criminals all over the place, but the noose is tight around Joran Van der Sloot right now.  He’s in Peru in custody, and he made the mistake of killing a girl whose father is connected.
The whole idea of being civilized with one another is great, but there are lines that some people cross that threaten to undo everything the human race has achieved by upsetting the delicate balance of the sense of fair play.  Joran Van der Sloot crossed that line, and for the sake of the rest of humanity, he should be made to PAY…publicly and painfully.

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  1. Howard Studstill

    I so agree, he must pay. I hear those Peruvian prisons aren't as cushy as American prisons, if the inmates don't don't take care of him, maybe the living conditions will!! Hahahahaha!!!

  2. 09/28/2016

    Just a small correction. He was playing at Atlantic City Casino, not Fiesta. The entire reason for his visit to Peru apparently was for the Latin American Poker Tour going on there. I played in the same poker room as he did but didn't know he was there at the time. It chills me to know I was in such close proximity to a scumbag psychopath such as this. May he rot in Lurigancho prison for the next 25+ years.

  3. Anonymous

    Good story, Thanks a lot man.

  4. Anonymous

    The sad part of it is in Peru, the maximum sentence he can receive is 35 years. No death penalty in Peru.

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