Democrats Should Apologize for Trump



“Grow up or Trump will be our President.”

The first time I saw that slogan, I got a distinct sinking feeling.

Not because I disagreed with the message. I dislike Trump. I’ve never watched ‘The Apprentice.’ I don’t like his hair, I don’t like his perpetually half-closed eyes, and I don’t like his air of entitlement. I prefer people with calloused hands who have worked a little bit in their life. Not men who have been handed hundreds of millions of dollars.

There’s something to be said for hard work.

But my contempt for the meme that became a de facto campaign slogan was almost as great.

“Grow up or Trump will be our President.”

During the primaries Bernie Sanders was drawing huge crowds and had fully energized the progressive voter base. He had amassed power. However, the response of the Democratic elite was perplexing. This article IS NOT an argument that he should have been the Democratic nominee. This article is simply to suggest that he should have been taken seriously, and his supporters should have been treated with respect.

“Grow up Bernie Supporters, he can’t win. You Must Vote for Hillary.”

It was almost as if the establishment resented Bernie.

Why would they resent him? He’d energized voters. He’d stumbled upon a popular message that was resonating. He’d figured out how to frame the progressive ideal in a way that appealed to the masses.

“Shhhhhhhhh!” the elites admonished. “You must compromise! You don’t want Trump to win do you?”

But although the establishment demanded compromise from Sanders supporters, they offered none of their own. They were so confident they were going to win, they felt they didn’t need to budge. Why didn’t Hillary start adopting more of Sanders’ platforms? Why didn’t she pick him or somebody like him for her VP? If avoiding a Trump presidency was of paramount importance, why did she fail to compromise? Why did she take the risk of so steadfastly sticking to what she believed the people needed rather than listening to what they wanted?

Then the loss happened.

Nobody believed it was possible, but it did.

Trump won.

But again, who did the Democrats blame? Did they examine their flawed campaign in which they deployed their resources to win the popular vote instead of swing states? Did they point out where they’d gone wrong.

“Well, this was an unprecedented circumstance!”

“The American people gave us this President!”

“The American people need to grow up!”

To date there has been no indication that the Democrats plan to change their flawed strategy. Keep in mind, they didn’t lose just the Presidency, they lost the House and the Senate and most of the state Governorships.

“Well, it’s just a fluke.”

Not when it happens a majority of the time.

I believe Trump’s policies are going to inflate the national deficit to astronomical levels, collapse our economy, and could even result in war. American residents are being detained and molested as they try to return to their country after trips abroad. I think the United States of America is extremely vulnerable to foreign attack while he’s in office. But most of all I’m furious at entitled Democrats who are still so proud about making the “A” honor roll when they were 16 that they can’t recognize that they have a losing strategy.

You can’t win the vote by telling people to “grow up.”

You can’t blame “the American people” for being misled. Whether it’s true or not is irrelevant. You have no control over that. But you can adopt an effective strategy for getting elected!

The first step is admitting you were wrong.

The Democrats failed to listen to their voting base or adequately communicate their message. They insulted the nation.

Liberals are fond of calling out other people when they make a verbal slip and publicly state something that could be taken as offensive. It’s time to stand up and recognize how offensively Liberals behaved in the last election. Trump was offensive too, but he didn’t lose. Let that sink for a moment.

Democrats have two years to correct course and save a sinking ship.

Here’s a start, listen to the people, don’t insult them.

Democrats, I appeal to you because I don’t believe the Republicans are reasonable. Prove me right, for the sake of our nation. You’re public servants, compromise and do the things you know the people want. Now you’re in a position where opposing Trump and doing the right thing might shorten or end some careers. You’re honor bound to do so.

Don’t pass the buck on your failure to defeat Trump, own it, or we’ll see the same result again and again and again and again.

How is blaming the voters for your failures a strategy for success in further elections?

Democrats please, listen to your own slogan and grow up.

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