D’nnos Pizza

So tell me, is this a Peruvian chain or what’s the deal?

Who knows, perhaps the streets of Detroit are littered with D’nnos Pizza.  All I know is that there are a plethora of these darn things littered all about the Streets of Lima.
There are days when you’re walking around Peru that you kind of have it in your head that you should be contemplating the bigger and better issues of the world.  After all, you’re in a different country, a whole new culture is banging against the frail boundaries of your mind, you can reprogram yourself, the world is your oyster…
…but then again, sometimes instead of all that, you just want to think about getting some pizza.
Well, D’nnos Pizza isn’t great pizza, but it’s not awful pizza either.  The best thing about the place is that they have great Sangria. My wife and I used to head on over to D’nnos right after work and slam a large (we switched to medium so that we didn’t have to leave all bloated) pie and a jarra of sangria right before heading out to the movies.  But generally, after the sangria, we just got tired and decided to go home and sleep.
Man…that’s when I realized I was getting old, when the prospect of my bed seemed a lot more enticing after a few drinks than the prospect of raising hell.
Oh well, there are few pleasures in life greater than sleeping when you come right down to it.
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  1. 09/22/2016

    I'd say it's better than pizza hut, dominos…maybe not quite as good as Papa Johns. It's a little greasy, but good enough pizza.

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