Documentary of Lima from 1937

One of my former students just sent me a link to this clip from a documentary about Lima from 1937. The clip was done by Metro Goldwyn Mayer and seems to have the same narration and music that you remember from the old Disney clips from back in the day when Disney made good stuff.

It’s interesting to see the images of the Plaza de Armas with all the trees planted. Those are long gone, and the city looks quite nice actually, a bit like Cieneguilla. They mention Pizarro’s body is in the cathedral, but they don’t mention his head is in one room and the rest of his body is in another. That’s not a “small” detail in my opinion, and I don’t remember seeing a glass casket.

I’m getting a little sick of people mentioning the Country Club of Lima like it’s some kind of great place. Somebody told me they didn’t even let Peruvians into there until a few decades ago (it might have been as long as a hundred years, but I don’t know). The voice over should say something like “founded by bigots in blah blah blah…”

Anyway, this video is a relic from a different age when things were sugarcoated so much you could get a toothache just by looking at them. Still, it’s kind of charming too.

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