Does Miraflores Really Need Segways?

Here’s a note from Owen after having snapped a picture of a Serenazgo on a Segway in Miraflores. Obviously, there do seem to be social problems in Peru that would be more important uses of government funds than spending tax money on overpriced, gimmicky “urban transportation” vehicles. However, this does pretty much represent Pituco thinking. It’s wasteful, and it’s stupid, but it does give the appearance of wealth so hey…
Here’s Owen’s original thoughts on the matter:
Here is one for SOL and this one really pisses me off. Should piss you off

I have been meaning to write a note since I took this picture last year but
finally looked up how much a Segway costs in the US…………US$6500 (in
Peru they must be close to US$10,000).

WTF!!!!!!!!!! I pay Arbitrios to the Municipality of Miraflores so then can
buy Segway’s!!!!!!!!!

WTF again!!!!!!!!!! Haven’t they got anything better spend our money on:
school books for kids, homes for stray cats and dogs, meals for old people,
fixing holes in the road.

OK, so crime is going up and we need more Serenazgo. But really, is it an
effective use of PUBLIC money to spend the equivalent of a year’s wages for
a Serenazgo on some gimmicky piece of transportation. They have a top speed of 20
km/h. A guy on a bike could easy outrun one.

With US$10000 you could buy 30-40 pretty decent bikes, three or four
motorbikes! Two Segways and you have a Toyota pick-up.

Miraflores is not the only Municipality with this absurd policy. I can only
assume it is part of some strategy to appear that we are living in the First
World in Lima.

There will be some corruption deeply rooted in this. Big payment from
whoever imports Segways to the Municipality.

Actually I don’t think I have ever seen a Segway in Peru that was being
operated by a private individual. I guess even to most ostentatious pituco
Peruvian is not going to piss away US$10000.

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