Don’t Honk your Horn!

So I was just innocently walking along Calle Larco on my way to a restaurant where I was going to do a review, when all of a sudden a huge protest against people honking their horns broke out. I think this surprised everybody else as much as me because it was on a friday at about 12:30 when there really weren’t all that many people out in the street, but oh well.

Bocinas, that’s the word they were using for horn. Usually they use Claxon, but whatever word they use, I support the idea of having them stopped. Frankly, I’ve occasionally fantasized about walking around with a wire clippers and then just crawling under people’s cars to disconnect their horns…but then I’d probably get it wrong and snap the brakes and the next thing you know somebody would drive off a cliff and die and I’d have to carry that around on my conscience just like all the other dark spots that are growing all too heavy as the years progress….all…too…heavy…

I missed the first vehicle in the convoy, it was the mirabus all decked out in balloons and things like that and filled with a bunch of kids who were chanting, “No al Claxon!” (Yes, they said claxon there even though it said Bocinas on the sides of the vans…and they wonder why we get confused when we try to learn the language).

This was the guy in one of the vehicles. I don’t know what he was there for, as a symbol maybe? That death might come to all those who lay on their horn too much?
Still, for a random parade out of the middle of nowhere, it was kind of fun. Now I wish they’d have a protest against annoying car alarms!
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  1. 09/28/2016

    Having recently returned to the busy streets of London I find it strange that drivers seem so restrained. Lima certainly seems to be the honking capital of the world and I can well understand peoples annoyance. I think I was mostly annoyed by the habit of beginning the cacophony at traffic lights even before they went to green!

  2. 09/28/2016

    Wait until you're trying to sleep at 2 in the morning and somebody's car alarm goes off outside your window fifty consecutive times! I was thinking about getting a stencil made up that says "your car alarm woke up my baby!" and just carry it around me with a can of spray paint and spray the message onto offending vehicles…I still might do that, it's a good idea.

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