Don’t Wear Your Darth Vader Shirt on TV Mr. Ciccia

Check this guy out…

The other day I was innocently watching TV with my friend Tom and we noticed this interview with Giovanni Ciccia.  But the thing that grabbed our attention was the fact that he was wearing some sort of Star Wars fan jacket.
“Wait a minute…is that Darth Vader on that guy’s jacket?” Tom asked.
“No…it can’t be.”
“It frickin IS!”
LOOK at it!  The guy’s got a damn Dart Vader patch over his left breast.  Who wakes up in the morning ready to go on TV and thinks to himself, “hmmm…what should I wear…I know, my Star Wars fan boy zip-up sweater with the Darth Vader patch.”
At the same time that this makes me shake my head in consternation, it also reinforces what I love about this country.  People aren’t so hung up on superficial ridiculousness that they wouldn’t be caught dead wearing their Star Wars fan boy shirts on TV.  Also…I have to admit…that’s a pretty rockin’ sweatshirt.
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