Drinking the Sick, Green Concoction

In some ways, I might not be the best guy to travel with. A lot of tour guides would probably be hesitant to tell their charges that it’s a good idea to drink some random Pisco mix that some dude in a small little bodega whipped up in his back room, and has been storing since the revolution.

But seriously, who travels around Peru and doesn’t ever partake of a wild alcoholic drink every now and then?

Yeah, since I’ve had a baby, I’m less inclined to actually be the one doing the shots.  But I like to see shots taken, mostly because afterwards something awesome happens (even if it’s just projectile vomiting..at least the clean-up gives you something to do).

In our last trip to the Sacred Valley, we pulled into this tiny little Sapo hut, where people were engaged in fierce games of the bronze frog game over a couple beers (as it must be played).  At the end of a few perfectly executed tosses, the old guy in the back called us over to show us this glowing green bottle of magical Pisco that he’d been making.

Now, I’ve got a kid, so I can’t drink random things that might kill me or make me go blind anymore.  So, instead, I bought a shot for a friend of mine, who took it without question:

My only regret is that I took still shots of this moment instead of taking a video because his facial expression at the end of the shot was priceless.

And how much for that little pinch of awesome?  Exactly S/. 5!

Man…this is EXACTLY the kind of stuff you should do when you’re travelling!  This was my favorite part of the trip!

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