Eggs in Urubamba

So that restaurant that I wrote about yesterday with the weird menu, did eventually serve us breakfast. I forget what we asked for initially, but after they finally admitted to us that they didn’t have about four consecutive menu items, we just broke down and asked them if they had any eggs. I was pretty sure they were going to say yes because as we’d walked into the place I’d seen several pallets of egg cartons sitting next to the door. The waiter, upon hearing the magical word “eggs,” began nodding his head like a bobble doll and virtually sprinted into the kitchen, only to sprint out a minute later to ask us how we’d like our eggs cooked.

Oddly enough, it was eggs that I really wanted, but I hadn’t ordered them from the start just because they weren’t on the weird tourist menu. Oh well.

Anyway, the guy emerged a few minutes later with this lovely plate of scrambled eggs with bits of basil and oregano in there along with the sides of several beautifully split tomatoes. This whole lovely feast (two portions plus coffee plus toast, jam and butter) cost us a grand total of S/. 25 (9 dollars).

I could LIVE on that shit man…I could LIVE there forever and only eat egggggsssss.

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