Exotic Islands Just off the Coast

The above image isn’t Lanzarote by night, but it might as well be.  Whether it’s off the coast of Peru, or in the Canary islands, there’s something about certain landscapes that makes you inclined to think it was probably the Spanish who settled there.

The above image was taken in Peru, south of Lima near Lurin according to my wife.  I don’t even really remember the circumstances of this photo.  I guess I just thought it was cool the way you could only barely make out the islands through the fog.
Fog like that is common in Lima.  There are a couple islands that you can sometimes see from Larco Mar, but it’s pretty rare.
I don’t know what it is about landscapes like this that draw people of Spanish descent, although maybe it’s really not all that complicated.  I suppose you find people of German and Norwegian descent in Northern Wisconsin because Northern Wisconsin kind of looks like Germany and Norway.  I suppose people look for a place that makes them think of home, even when they are leaving their home behind for whatever reason.
Pictures like this remind me that I really do need to start surfing.  Somehow, I don’t think you can know the true beauty of Peru without being a surfer.  You see so many guys and gals skipping along in their skin suits tucked under their arms that you can’t help but have your curiosity piqued.  Part of me feels that starting to surf at 40 years of age sounds a bit like a midlife crisis.  Then again, if somebody asked me for skiing lessons because they wanted to learn to cross-country ski at 40, I’d be all for it.
I think I need to take a look at the shores of Peru from just off the coast.  Taking a few shots of Lima from those rocks out in the distance would be a good starting point.  Now where did I leave that wet suit?
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