Expatriates in Peru Exceeds 1000 Members

Peru’s number 1 portal for Expatriates has just exceeded 1000 members. Expatriates in Peru is a Facebook group that welcomes all comers who wish to discuss Peru.  They’ve overcome a lot throughout the years, including a forced name change (personally, I don’t think they should have changed their name…but the people of Expatriates in Peru are more diplomatic than I am).
Expatriates in Peru occasionally does some social events (I’d also recommend this social group if you’re looking for people to hang out with in Peru), but it’s mainly a Facebook wall where you can post questions and have them answered by the tons of great Expats who know all about Peru and are willing to share their knowledge.
I’ve supported Expatriates in Peru pretty much since its inception (I have their link in my nav bar above).  I probably should chirp in on Expatriates a little more often than I do, but I don’t tend to be a “Facebook Group Wall” person or a “Twitter” Person…I’m a “Blogger” person (because I can ramble on and stretch my 140 character comment into 1,000 words…rare skill).
So check out Expatriates in Peru, join them, and spread the word to help them reach 2000 members.  While you’re at it, “like” Streets of Lima (I’m still working on my first 1,000).
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