Fister: Peru’s Top Brand For Home Appliances!

Owen sent me this photo.  He said he took it in a hardware store as the owner looked on wondering just what the hell he was up to.  This is the type of thing that makes Owen awesome.  He’s one of those truly educated people, who will nevertheless break into a fit of hysterical laughter if he sees some sort of product or appliance with a name like “FISTER!”  For further evidence of Owen’s humor, check out this notable article.

Apparently the actual name of the product is “Pfister” but from looking at the above photo, I don’t see how the “p” would have mysteriously fallen off.
What the hell is that thing anyway?  Some kind of hot water heater or something?  That odd little blue decal on the right seems to indicate water…then again with a name like “FISTER” who knows what it could mean?
Imagine the scandal that would ensue if some product was named “FISTER” in the US?  First of all the left would complain about it, then the right would say, “well, why do you complain about that but you say nothing when people use similar language against us?”  Sooner or later the whole argument would descend into something totally related, and the good people at “FISTER” would be allowed to continue their labors as always.
Fisting away…
Wouldn’t it be fun to get the job as the advertising manager for “FISTER” imagine the taglines you could come up with.
“Be the fister not the fisted!”
“Fister: we heat your water with the power of friction!”
“Fister: get ‘er in there!”
“Fister: because you don’t want to be caught without a fist!”
I’m going to switch all my appliances to Fister, it’s clearly the best.  I wonder if they make a toaster?  Hell, they should branch off into other products. Stationary bicycles, children’s formula (“Enfamil makes your children into cowards, teach your kids to dominate early by giving them “FISTER” children’s formula), microwave ovens.
I wonder where goes (Ok, I didn’t make that a link, and if you go to that page you’ll understand why).
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