Flooding in the Sacred Valley leaves Thousands homeless and threatens cultural artifacts

In response to my post from the other day in which I asked my readers to send me some images that showed the water damage in Cusco and the sacred valley, Jacob from ethoshopper.com sent me these two revealing images. The above image is, of course, Sacsayhuaman which is shown being propped up by some logs. Frankly, my fears are greatly eased after seeing this because although it’s obviously suffered some damage, things look decidedly minor here. The logs seem to be there as support and I see no evidence that the stones were every out of place. When I first heard that there was significant damage at Sacsayhuaman, I had the image in my mind of some of those glorious two or three ton boulders rolling down the hill onto Cusco, and I’m glad to see that’s not the case.

The other image that Jacob sent me doesn’t paint nearly as positive a story:

I assume this is Urubamba which I’ve heard from two or three other sources has been almost completely flooded out. The timing for this event couldn’t be worse because even though we’re still talking about the loss of homes of thousands of people, the newspapers are undoubtedly going to keep their focus on the hundreds of thousands that are out of luck in Haiti. It looks like this is going to be one of those tragedies that the people of Peru, and those who have connections with Peru living abroad, are going to have to handle without the help of the global media. Unfortunately, I still don’t have a good lead as to where donations can be sent. I’ll get that up here as soon as I hear what it is.

Thanks again for the images Jacob!

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  1. Rodney

    Ben, I hear there is serious problems at the ruins in Olantambayo also. Have you received a lead on that?

    Hope you and Zulma are well.


  2. 09/28/2016


    Hey Alan,
    Yup, but even the damage in that seems relatively minor (although no damage is any good). It looks like it could have been much worse.

  3. Alan

    Ben, did you see the stones that fell at Sacsayhuaman in the LIP link in my comment on your other post?

  4. Anonymous

    The situation in the Sacred Valley is still problematic.
    I have an excellent lead for donations.
    Email me if you're interested,

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