For good Guacamole, go to Taco Loco

There is a little, out of the way Mexican joint (it’s a joint, not a restaurant really) were I like to go every now and then to get some guacamole, the place is called Taco Loco.

This is one of the few places in Lima with affordable mexican food. I talked about Si Senor in another post, but Si Senor is for a nice dinner out. Taco Loco is for eating salty tacos covered in guacamole and drinking. Here’s their menu:

Here’s what it looks like inside:

You see, it’s a simple place, but it’s awesome and the food is great. Another plus is that this is one of those restaurants where you can see right into the kitchen and watch the chef do his work (it helps you make sure nothing weird goes into the food…something you really should worry about no matter what restaurant you’re going to).

Tequenos, these things are awsome, I find myself salivating just looking at them. We only had lemonade with the tacos the day I took these photos, but trust me, there’s not much better in the world than Tequenos and beer (especially if the guacamole is good)!

Across the street from Taco Loco is a perpetual carnival with this big weird wheel that spins. Kids sit around the edge, and the more daring ones stand in the middle. There are a whole textbook full of the laws of physics involved and it’s probably really dangerous (just imagine standing in the center of a spinning disk, the center is moving more slowly than the outside, but if you lose your balance and fall, you’ll be spit out by the centrifugal force). The last time we were there, some guys convinced some girl to come and dance with them in the center of the disk. Not knowing what she was getting into, she went, and of course within five minutes she was flung to the rim of the disk to spend the whole rest of her time on the ride clinging there like a drunken sailor. It looked kind of dangerous actually (she hit pretty hard), you won’t catch me on that thing.

To get to Taco Loco, take a taxi to plaza San Miguel. Taco Loco is like three or four blocks down from the Saga Falabella. I accidentally labeled it as Tacos Locos on the map below, I’m such a fool:

Check it out, it’s awesome!

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