Free Kindle Copy of Nine Heroes (Limited Time)

For a limited time, the kindle version of the fantasy collection Nine Heroes will be available from Amazon for absolutely FREE. This is a stellar collection featuring the work of some very well-known fantasy writers including:

Chris and Janet Morris of Perseid Press

These two are some of the biggest names in modern fantasy having created the Heroes in Hell series and The Sacred Band of the Stepsons as seen in the Thieves’ World books.

Walter Rhein

Another author from Perseid Press. Author of The Reader of Acheron, Reckless Traveler, Beyond Birkie Fever, and others.

Jesse Duckworth

Owner of exciting new publisher Harren Press.

Teel James Glenn

Author, stuntman, fight choreographer Teel has a very exciting series of books including this one.

R.A. McCandless

Author of Tears in Heaven published with Wild Child Press. Check out his blog here.

Alexandra Butcher

Author of the Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles and the Library of Erana blog.

Douglas R. Brown

Author of Tamed, The Light of Epertase, and the Epertase Blog.

Tom Barczak

Author of Perseid Press release, The Mouth of the Dragon.

Shane Porteous

Author of The Battle of Ebulon and How Gods Bleed.

Again, Nine Heroes is free for a limited time, so grab a copy here:

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