Fumar Es Danino Para La Salud

At one point, this poster was on the wall of the Dragon (or “el dragon”) bar/disco/whatever you want to call it, in Barranco.

Oddly, there was a time when everyone I knew always wanted to hang out at “El Dragon.”  I never understood why, I always thought it was a pretty shitty bar.  The other bar that I also thought was shitty and which everybody also always wanted to hang out at was another one in Barranco…but I can’t remember the name.
I guess it’s the same with everything, every now and then some place becomes the “it” destination for the moment and everybody flocks to it like mad, and they look at you like crazy if you have to be even slightly averse to group think.
“Why wouldn’t we do exactly what everybody else is doing?  What’s WRONG with you!  Let’s go to the most expensive bar in Peru with the shittiest music and have a miserable damn time!”
Well, back in those days I used to just need people to walk into the place with, but after a drink or two I generally disappeared into the dark anyway, so it wasn’t a big deal.  There’s nothing better than wandering the dark alleys of some major metropolitan area when you’re totally drunk and unable to properly defend yourself.  If you aren’t carrying any money, there’s no real danger (only your dignity remains and that’s been in short supply since high school…so why worry).
On second thought, maybe El Dragon wasn’t so bad…
Not as bad as smoking anyway.
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