Gangster Bar on Berlin is Always Closed

This bar is on Berlin just up the street from Houlihan’s, but don’t put it on your itinerary because it’s always closed.  At least, it has been closed every time I’ve walked past it, and I’ve walked up and down Calle Berlin at every hour of the day.

As you can see from the outside, the place is lined with pictures of Gangsters.  However, I think it’s kind of funny that they’d use two images from “The Godfather” and then a real image of Al Capone (that is Al Capone right?).
All and all, the whole Gangster motif isn’t a bad idea for a bar.  Why hasn’t something cool like that caught on instead of irritating BS like “TGIFridays.”  The thing I really hate about a place like “TGIFridays” is that the walls are covered with all this “quirky” stuff like old bicycles, etc., that looks like they just picked them up at a garage sale somewhere…however, if you go into any “TGIFridays” anywhere on the planet, you’ll see the EXACT SAME shit hanging from the walls.  That leads you to think, “oh, they didn’t just DISCOVER this stuff, thus adding a neat random element to every restaurant…no…they PLANNED this stuff to the most minute detail.”
The worst part is, if they’d just saved the money and bought the stuff at a garage sale like it LOOKS like they did, the effect probably would have been the SAME and they would have saved a TON of money!
But saving money isn’t all that high on anyone’s list of grand qualities in most nations.
So I don’t know, if the Godfather bar is ever open, swing through and buy a Pisco Sour and write me to tell me how good they are.  I just have to say…I don’t know about this place.  It seems like a pseudo cool type joint…like you’d go in there with your cards and start playing only to have the owner come up to you, tap you on the shoulder and grunt, “you can’t do that in here.”
Darn gangsters…always following the letter of the law.
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