Gardener on Jose Pardo

I saw this guy hiking along Pardo with his bundle of plants or flowers or whatever they are, and I thought it would make a good photo (yes they’re flowers, but the colorful part is on the other side).
Peru is filled with people like this who look pretty competent, but at the same time are engaged in pretty simple acts.  You see a lot of gardeners who come rolling up on bicycles with a bunch of tools stuck into makeshift baskets, who get right to work on people’s yards.  That wouldn’t be a bad way to live and work really, just ride your bike around until you find somebody willing to pay you a couple bucks for cutting some grass, all while you sit out in the sun and enjoy the day.
Of course if you did that you wouldn’t be able to afford internet, cable TV, or a cell phone contract (as if losing any of those things would be at all bad).
I’ll be taking off for the Inca trail in a few days, and I think the thing I’m looking forward to most is just being out of the electronic web for five or six days.  The trouble is, six days is hardly enough to even brake through the first several layers of crust that builds up as residue after all that electronic contamination.  After six, most people come scurrying back to their electronic comforts wondering how they ever lived with out them…but there are some who use the time as a running start to accelerate towards escape velocity.
That’s the great thing about doing insane/radical things like hiking the Inca trail, sometimes it inspires you to make some wild choices and change your life completely.
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