Get Your Homer Simpson Slippers at Polvos Rosados

Here’s another clandestine photo taken at Polvos Rosados. I think those Homer Simpson slippers are kind of awesome. Generally you wouldn’t want to walk into a wall mart and buy a stupid novelty gag item like that because you’d have to pay $15 and that’s just not a $15 dollar joke.

However, at Polvos Rosados you could probably get those slippers for S/. 15.  Why can they sell them so cheap?  
The answer is simple!
At Polvos Rosados not 1 centimo goes to the people who hold the creative license for the product!
Ok, some part of your brain might be tingling and saying that’s not fair, but ignore that part of your brain for the moment and just concentrate on the savings!  Imagine if you DIDN’T have to pay an 85% mark-up on EVERY SINGLE ITEM that ever came into your possession throughout your adult life!
You know, a lot of people are always bitching and complaining about how they “work” so much, but this whole idea of creative license just doesn’t seem to fit into that argument.  “Working” should be defined as actually doing something.  Just because you came up with a cartoon character that became internationally famous doesn’t mean you’ve really “worked” when somebody else fashions that character into a pair of shoes.  To my way of thinking, it seems like the dude who fashioned the shoes did the work.
The other reason I have a problem with this philosophy is that we seem to be selective as to what stuff we give licensing rights too.  I mean, it’s not like every janitor in the world has to pay a tariff to the first guy to polish a door knob, and it’s not like TV newscasters pay a percentage of their salary to the janitors who make their work possible (you try having a productive day when there’s no clean bathroom near by).
Essentially, the whole creative license seems like a bunch of bullshit invented by already rich people who can then force poor people to do additional work for them.
All that being said, if I can benefit from this ridiculous thought process I’m going to do it.  Sure I’m a hypocrite, but at least I’m honest about it.
I’m looking forward to the blithering idiocies spouted by the first self-righteous bastard to read this post.
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  1. Anonymous

    Every so often I come back to see if you have come up with anything interesting. This blog gets more and more boring the longer you have no relevance in Peru. Maybe it´s time to put it out of it´s misery and write about teaching or something in the U.S.

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