Got a Brahma for your Satchel?

A friend of mine sent me this shot of this guy strolling around Lima in a pair of blue pajamas.  At first glance, this shot might not seem all that remarkable, but what you have here is a very carefully designed wardrobe.  I mean, let’s face it, you don’t just roll over out of bed and end up looking like that.
The worst thing about it is that this guy seems to be cultivating a kind of spontaneous “I just rolled out of bed look,” and he succeeds only in the way that a Hollywood film might recreate a caveman society while having a bunch of women with shaved legs running around.
Somebody needs to let me in on the story on what those pants are.  Obviously it’s some sort of uniform, or it represents some sort of life choice or ideal, but I don’t know what that ideal is.  The only question I have, is why don’t we ever see politicians dressed like that?  I mean, I see enough people wearing pants like that, so there MUST be a significant voting public who would wear that.  Where are the people who represent them?
Right down to the sandals though, this guy is the whole package.  And what about the Brahma in his satchel?  Incidentally Brahma is also the Hindu God of creation as well as being a Brazilian beer, so how perfect is that?
Yes, the image of this guy is exactly why I miss Lima.  You simply don’t see people dressed like this walking around in Northern Wisconsin.  Somehow this fellow’s dress is considered inappropriate, but it’s totally acceptable to be costumed as a drunken lumberjack.  Now, drunken lumberjacks are pretty awesome…but it still seems like a double standard.
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