Guerrilla Photography

I’ve figured out a good name for the type of photography I like to practice.  It’s not “artistic” photography or even “good” photograph…what it is is “guerrilla” photography.  That means that half the time your obstacle is to just get your camera into your hand as quickly as possible and snap an image of whatever interesting, random thing is going on.

The other half of the time, you’re half-hiding your camera under your jacket or whatever because you’re taking pictures in some clandestine place where people get all bent out of shape with you for taking a picture (like here in the pay center of Claro).
I don’t know about you, but the second people tell me not to take a picture, and I can’t see any reasonable reason not to take a picture, I pretty much find I HAVE to take one.  I guess this is a pretty inherent problem with authority that I have.
I suppose if I’d grown up super religious, I would have no problem being obedient just because people told me to even though I could see no logical reason for their orders.  But I grew up as a reasoning person, so if somebody tells me not to do something and there’s no logical reason, then I assume that the reason they don’t want me to do it is because they want to condition me to become easier to control.  Well THAT can’t happen, so I’m FORCED to take a picture.  The easy solution to all of this is to just not have people tell me not to take a picture all the time…but since people are pretty much inherently programmed to try to control all the other people around them, I guess I’ll be practicing Guerrilla photography far into the foreseeable future.
The weird thing is that people often write in defending airport security or whatever for telling me not to take a picture in secure areas.  Honestly, I just don’t think that kind of order can be justified.  In fact, it’s downright stupid.  If people who are taking pictures in a secure area pose some kind of threat, you shouldn’t walk up to them and say, “don’t take a picture.”  Instead, you should follow them home and spy on them for a week or so and see if they’re up to something.
Actually, the by far more absurd component to all this is that there’s really nothing you can take a picture of that you can’t already get just by doing an internet search, so either all terrorists are unaware that the internet exists, or security people are just idiots put there for show and to reinforce a pre-set conditioning of obedience.
The other problem I have with airports is that they don’t let you sit and drink a bottle of J&B in the waiting room anymore (although I hesitate to admit that because Anonymous is probably going to accuse me of being an Alcoholic), fortunately now that I’m a pilot I can just hide the bottle under the seat.  Seriously folks, do you want me to have shaky hands when I’m trying to land?
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