Happy Father’s Day!

To all of you who have cute little babies like me, I just want to shout out “Happy Father’s Day!”
In all seriousness, Father’s Day sort of feels like an “Afirmitive Action” type holiday from time to time.  Everybody really gets behind celebrating Mother’s Day…and then Father’s Day is sort of an “oh yeah, those guys have something to do with parenting too.”  I mean, how often have you seen a bunch of kids running upstairs to serve breakfast in bed to their fathers (think about it seriously…it doesn’t happen)?
Well, let me just assure you that this attitude is only common in the bullshit US.  Down here in Peru, I was walking around with my daughter on Father’s day and random people were stopping me in the street to shake my hand and congratulate me.  On top of that, my wife’s family went all out and threw a big party that even included gifts (as well as a lot of great food)!
So for all you guys living in the US who are feeling miserable because nobody really gives a shit that it’s your special day, let me just assure you that there are people who care…you can find them just across the border.
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