How Reliable are Amazon Shipments to Peru?

Consider Saga Falabella as an alternative to Amazon
A reader sent me an interesting question yesterday and I thought I’d see what kind of response I could get from my loyal readers. It’s from a fellow who is currently living in the US, but is relocating to Lima soon. He wants to know how effective/reliable Amazon shipments are from the US to Peru. Here’s his question:

“I’m curious if it’s advisable to order books, DVDs, etc through Amazon — do shipments get properly delivered? claims they do, of course, but they offer various levels of shipping + costs to guarantee delivery. 

Have you any personal experience with this? I know of at least one fellow who had an iPod ripped off in the Peruvian post, but that 
wasn’t an Amazon delivery.” 

As for me, I don’t have a lot of experience shipping things to myself in Peru from the US. I always used to wait until I went back home to pick things up, or find a friend to carry something back from the US for me. In fact, if you look at several of the forums for expats in Peru, there’s always people asking to bring such and such back from the US (it gets to the point where it’s easier just not to inform anyone that you are going because you get so many demands to fill up your carry on luggage with garbage–and nobody wants to reimburse you for extra baggage fees which are the result).

I seem to recall that Owen has had difficulties with shipping from time to time, so he’d be the one to ask (I’ll send this link to him and request that he comments below). I think the stuff might go through customs, so who knows? If it gets impounded for no reason it’s there forever (or until you bribe the right person).
Honestly, I think you’re best off buying a kindle for books. You can download electronic copies instantly, and then you don’t have to worry about lugging them around (saves on shipping). For movies, just go to Polvos Azules or Polvos Rosados and get some pirated ones. Anything else you need you can probably find at local department stores like Saga Falabella.
Looking forward to the enlightening comments!
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