How to Deal With Unreasonable People

Here’s the picture of the flaming car again, so you know I’m steamed about something. Actually, I’m STILL steamed about something that happened about four days ago, so that should give you an indication about how irritated I was/am.

I don’t know if it’s the political environment in the US or the poor educational system that breeds individuals who are just impossible to deal with, or if it’s a matter of personal character, but things are out of control.  I’ve had more than one run-in with Tea Party members, and although I am pretty well conditioned towards giving people a second chance, there comes a point when you realize the party engaging you is just trying to be difficult and has little or no respect for your autonomy, or your right to hold individual beliefs.
Anyway, this all started when I noticed that the idiots over at the Tea Party (who are honestly becoming less and less relevant), continue to use the phrase “Hit List” when discussing the candidates they’re trying to displace.  Although there’s nothing illegal about this, in light of the Gifford’s shooting (she was on the “Hit List”), the continued use of that term is, in my opinion, in extremely poor taste.
So, I posted on Facebook, “Tea Party is continuing to use the phrase ‘Hit List’…classy.”  I was tempted to put sarcasm at the end of this statement in parentheses to indicate my contempt for the Tea Party, but I thought the message was clear.
Within seconds of posting my comment, a fellow started berating me about how the use of the phrase “Hit List” wasn’t as bad as abortion.  Now, this struck me as bizarre for more reasons than I can even begin to list here.  First of all, what sense does it make to mention something that you think is worse?  That’s like saying, “yes, I stole $10 from you, but it’s not as bad as stealing $100.”  Second of all, my comment had nothing to do with abortion (and I wasn’t in the mood for having an absurd discussion about abortion on my Facebook page).  Third of all, this guy is a staunch Republican…so what happened to the philosophy of LESS government involvement in your everyday life (like not allowing the government to tell you what you can or can’t do with your own body)?
But this guy is an expert at completely avoiding your reasonable responses to his wack-job comments and going off on bizarre and irrelevant tangents.  Also, the second you produce an irrefutable argument regarding one of his points, he just changes topics, or fails to respond.  The same thing happened after he started declaring (this time on a different comment thread), that students in American schools had a “right” to hear both the theory of evolution and the theory of intelligent design.  This is, of course, an offensive suggestion for anyone with a brain since evolution is a testable theory that has been accepted by the scientific community, and forms the foundation of many of our current modern advancements that have done marvelous things like improve the quality of human life and drastically reduce things like infant mortality rate…whereas “intelligent design” is just idiotic gobbledygook which cannot be tested, is just religious propaganda, and is about the intellectual equivalent of saying that the whole universe just got pulled out of someone or something’s ass (here’s the article I wrote in response to that previous little conflict…diplomatically titled: Why Intelligent Design is Completely and Utterly Worthless).
Anyway, this guy eventually just decided to dismiss me for being “too P.C.” and that using the term “Hit List” was just harmless and inoffensive.  That caused me to just delete the whole post because I realized further discussion was just a waste of my time.  Honestly, if I’m going to take the time to write things, it’s going to be on my blog where a whole lot of people can benefit from it, and not on a Facebook comment where the comment is driven by one person who is being unreasonable.
When you come right down to it, I’m an extremely educated individual and I’m perfectly willing to share all that I’ve learned.  This education I have wasn’t cheap either.  There was both the monetary expense of going to college, and there is the time component that I invested in educating myself through further independent study (which represents the bigger effort since I’ve never been all that satisfied with the education I paid for).  I’m a TEACHER and I’m willing to GIVE functional, useful information for FREE to anybody who comes to me and honestly wants to learn.
However, just because I’m a teacher, doesn’t mean that I feel like I have to endure blockhead, nonsensical arguments, or waste my time with people who refuse to acknowledge any common ground because they’re too busy trying to invent “cute” ways to dismiss or misinterpret what they presume to think I am saying.
Now, honestly I don’t know why this kind of thing gets me all that worked up.  I’m not sure what the educational background is of this person who was being so unreasonable, nor do I know the education level of most of the people who are susceptible to the Tea Party’s campaign of contradictory propaganda.
When it comes to politics, I find that when you get right to the heart of things, I agree with the fundamental position of most people.  We all want a safe country, less government control, less spending, and maximization of freedom and pursuit of happiness.  However, I totally disagree with the Tea Party’s policies for pursuing these goals, and I think most of their policies go against these goals.
I mean, seriously, using something as Sophomoric as a “Hit List” as one of your party’s grand talking points?  Please, are we in fourth grade?  And then to sit there and try to defend it as a harmless joke, or to dismiss people who say it’s “not classy” as too P.C.?  That’s just absurd.  Ironically, Palin is having a fit lately about this film “Game Change” which does nothing more than present her as the power mad imbecile that she is (all while using direct quotes.
If it’s Tea Party policy to dismiss every criticism of THEIR behavior with “it’s a harmless joke, why are you being so P.C.?” then I’d like to use the same phrase to respond to Palin’s criticism of this film.
Why are you being so P.C. Palin, it’s just a harmless joke to run your name through the mud and show no respect for opposing viewpoints to your position…at least you can take solace in the fact that nobody has you on their “Hit List.”
By the way, here’s the trailer for the film because it pisses the Tea Party imbeciles off and I like that:

My position on life is this, if you come to me with a sincere desire to hear my opinion out of respect for my achievements with the recognition that I write and speak not with a personal agenda but with a sincere desire to find out what is right and true, I will bend over backwards trying to help you (because your input will aid me in my pursuits as much as it furthers yours).
However if you just want to waste my time by bogging me down with smart-ass, nonsensical talking points (which you stole from Rush Limbaugh or Fox News) and steal the energy that I could be using to improve other people’s lives (for example, people who were born in extreme poverty that you’ve never had the misfortune of experiencing)…you can go fuck off.
My comment in response to this whole mess that I posted on Facebook, was something that I heard Newt Gingrich (of all people) say (he attributed it to Abraham Lincoln): “If you can’t agree that 2 + 2 = 4 then you can’t win the argument because facts don’t matter.”
I will continue to debate this, and I’m curious to hear what my “Streets of Lima” readership will think of further ridiculous arguments…although I bet this Facebook guy won’t bother to respond here.
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