How to Hook Up with Peruvian Girls

I bet you’re wondering about the title. Hahaha! Well, the truth is that there are various web page funcionality widgets and what have you that tell you what search words people used to get to your page. Bearing that in mind, I somtimes write articles with those exact search words as a title (I figure if one person wants to know, then more people might want to know as well).

So, if you want to learn to “hook up” with Peruvian women, here’s what you have to know:

1. Spanish (although not being able to speak Spanish can be an advantage in that you don’t end up saying a bunch of stupid shit that makes you look like an asshole, and the girl who you’re talking to [who can’t understand a word your saying] just concentrates on all of her fantasies of a partner [much like what you’re probably doing when you look at her] and the two of you, free of any annoyance [like actual communication] just concentrate on the raw physical aspect of things [which is what most of us SHOULD be concentrating on MORE of the time] and you just hang out and get real phyiscal for a few months/years until one or the other of you learn’s the other’s language [a mistake], or you go back home, or you get married [which would also be a mistake unless you knew Spanish before you met the girl])

2. How to dress nice (although this isn’t all that important either because Peruvian women tend to be far less superficial than their american counterparts [unless they’re real pituco…but even then they’ll probably go with it if you’re attractive enough], and depending on the bar you go to you can actually get LESS attention if you’re dressed like some rich asshole who think’s he’s Mr. Fashion.)

3. Dance (dancing makes life easier, but Peruvian women are really patient, all you have to do is be willing to go out on the dance floor and look like an idiot and sooner or later the “dancing” will just degenerate into “backing up the truck” and…well, you’ll know what to do when THAT happens).

So there you go, head out to the clubs…I hope this article was usefull!

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  1. Miguel

    I am Peruvian and I am from Lima, and with regards of what you say Carlos about being 2 different cultures, I have to disagree with you. Besides there are what you called "indigeneous" and "non-indigeneous" people in both Lima and Cusco.

    I thought the article was a kind of a joke although I have to say it is pretty accurate from my experience as well, and I think it would work in both Lima and Cusco 🙂

  2. 09/28/2016

    I hooked up with a Peruvian girl and married her last year. She is 15 years younger than me and my friends in the US think that she is just after a green card. I will tell the world that this Peruvian princess does not care where she lives her life. All that matters to her is that she lives it with me. I think it very unlikely that an American man will find similar attributes of loyalty, selflessness, intelligence, commitment, and beauty anywhere else in the world.

  3. 09/28/2016

    I thought I sensed a slight hint of irony there…

    I think many Peruvian girls like gringos because they think they're cute and it's something different, the accent, etc. Just like the US girls in your high school who went gaga over the foreign exchange student…

    There's certainly the "bricheras", or worse, peperas, but the majority of women here seem sincerely nice.

  4. Florian

    No, Peruvian's are not all the same… except for one thing (and I dare to make a bold generalization, Carlos):
    Where is their sense of irony, when it comes to "Patriotic" issues?

    Must have been something to do with Patriotic brainwashing in school (Gringos have the same problem, anyway…;-))))

    P.S. Machu Picchu is not in Lima???

  5. Anonymous

    i agree with miguel. Lima and Cusco have both, though lima has more aryans because that is where most of them are in peru. and according to the INEA 2009, indegenious in peru is 25%, and aryan is 20% expected to rise to 30 on 2 years. most are mestizo.

  6. 09/28/2016

    pure genious, the section about how not knowing spanish helps…ive thought exactly what you said so many times…whatever we find attractive you can bet they do too….we cant mess it up by accidentally saying stupid lame lines we bust out here and there in the presence of a really hot girl…..and haha i love how u say, with no annoyance (actual communication) so funny and so true

  7. Anonymous

    Miguel and anonymus are f.cking racists, they just shall off

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