How to Make a Peruvian Woman Happy

Marry her, that’s the easy answer!

Actually, I’m writing this blog because I found on one of my nifty blog tools that somebody discovered this page while doing a search for “how to make a Peruvian woman happy.” Although I haven’t previously written a blog with that precise title, the searcher was lucky in arriving at my page since I happen to be an expert on that subject.

But actually, making a Peruvian woman happy is easy. You see, they’re completely reasonable people who put family ahead of everything.

Family is more important than career.

Family is more important than personal ego.

Family is more important than a million little things that people allow to get in the way of their happiness.

And you know what?

They’re right!

The other thing about Peruvian women is that they’re eager to embrace their femininity. They enjoy being caregivers, they don’t mind doing things that might be called “girlish,” or “feminine,” they’re WOMEN after all, and they have no desire to be men. In short, they’re comfortable in their skin.

Now, this is not to say that Peruvian women are subservient….hahaha! I’d love for you to meet my wife if you think Peruvian women are subservient. In all truthfulness, Peruvian women are the most intelligent, hardest working, most caring and loving women that I’ve ever met anywhere in my life. When you get one of them to commit to you, you know that person is going to work as hard as she can to ensure the relationship functions, and if you provide an equal effort, your success is guaranteed.

But, I’ve just noticed that I’m not providing any specifics. Here’s what happiness entails:
1. Spend a lot of time with her.
2. Give her a lot of hugs.
3. Go to her various family gatherings (family is important after all).
4. Take her dancing every now and then.
5. Buy her something on the way home, it doesn’t have to be much, just a candy bar or something, and she’ll be happy to know you thought of her.
6. Treat her like an equal (this is a tricky one, it means you have to say something if she’s late for a meeting for example…in other places a lot of guys let it slide when their wife/girlfriend arrives an hour late as if that kind of lack of punctuality is “cute,” but it’s pretty demeaning to allow something like that to become a pattern of behavior, everybody is capable of arriving on time).
7. Learn Spanish

The list goes on of course, but frankly, it’s not all that difficult. Just be a reasonable human being…I know, I know…that doesn’t work in SOME other countries I’m not going to mention, but it DOES work in Peru, so be happy!

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  1. Anonymous

    What you wrote is right. But it is also right that you are the best husband I could have ever found. You are a good and excellent person/man/husband Ben

  2. Anonymous

    Hmmm, Hate to break it to ya but THAT is what it would take to make ME happy. I am an American woman married to a Peruvian man … and he needs to read your blog. LOL

  3. Elena - Lima

    Now, for many girls, the career is very very important in her lifes and the ego too.. and of course the family too..

  4. Anonymous

    uhmm, well, i think the majority of girl from Peru are what you said, but not all….The young girls who are General Managers or has her own enterprises or who are excellent professional girls donĀ“t think exactly to form a family quickly… it is not possible for them..

  5. Anonymous

    Your are right.Glad to know that sensitive guys can be considerate about these things.
    I think my husband is starting to realise.

  6. Anonymous

    I thinhk women around the world would like to be gifted every day, receive lot of huges and kisses, and of course be married. Therefore, all of us would love our husbands as much as they want.

  7. Anonymous

    "Buy her something on the way home, it doesn't have to be much, just a candy bar or something, and she'll be happy to know you thought of her."
    hahaha so true!!, never forget the candybars !!

  8. Anonymous

    haha. YOu just got married. Come back after your wife gets her citizenship. Things will change drastically.

  9. Anonymous

    I Love my Peruvian mamacita, shes my world and I would do whatever it took to make her happy and see those beautiful brown eyes of hers glisten!

  10. Anonymous

    Lol some things are true, like the candybar one. (what kind of woman would one be if we didnt like that?!!) but yeah, it changes a bit from woman to woman, like, usually woman who come from a low income enviroment tend to be like that, hardworking, caregivers and putting family before everything. women who come from a more lose income background mmm… dont tend to be that family-fan (or too hardworking either lol, just joking). dont get me wrong, family is a very important thing to us, i think family is more present in our lives than the american averge person, but some girls, like me, we actually prefer to step away from family because they can drive us nuts.. this generation is changing, we crave for more freedom and are not really confortable living with parents until our 30's :S

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