I Could Go For Some Sushi Right Now!

One of the things I’m really missing about Peru is the Sushi.  You know, it took me a damn long time to start liking Sushi.  I guess in some ways I’m adventurous and some ways not so much.  It wasn’t really that I was scared of trying it, it was just that it seemed a lot to pay for what turned out to be not too much food.

Actually, I’ve since found out that it is possible to gorge yourself on Sushi.  It just doesn’t feel the same as eating a big old hamburger and fries does (“thank god” cry the masses).
I’m horrible though, I just can’t be bothered to memorize which ones of the sushi are which.  Somethings called a Maki and somethings called something else and all the names really seem to stand for is how much rice is caked onto the fish.
Frankly, I don’t want any damn rice on the fish, I like the plain old meat.  Maki (I think that’s the mega rice one) is like kid’s sushi to hide the fact that it’s raw fish.  I want the MAN sushi with the still blinking eye.
And what’s with that green stuff you mix in with whatever the hell that weird sauce is they give you?
I suppose I really should sit down and learn all the damn names for these things…but really, that’s the kind of education that peasants get as far as I’m concerned.  Higher class people like me don’t have enough ROOM IN THEIR BRAINS to memorize the customs of every damn food culture in the world.  That’s why we go to EXPENSIVE restaurants where people can lead you through the meal and make you look like an expert even though you don’t know a god damned thing.
But sushi is good…I wish I could eat some right now.
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  1. Anonymous

    that "green stuff" is called Wasabi and "that weird sauce" is probably Japanese Soy Sauce. Just to help you a little bit 🙂
    Jan Duine/(unfortunately still)The Netherlands

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