I’m Surprised Joran Van Der Sloot Is Still Alive

They could bury Joran out in the rocks on that hill maybe?
Lately Joran Van Der Sloot has been in the media again because apparently he’s going to marry somebody even though he’s in prison. This is annoying for many reasons. One of those reasons is that the US media continues to refer to Joran Van Der Sloot as “Natalee Holloway murder suspect,” while failing to note (in the title anyway) that the reason he’s in JAIL in Peru was that he was CONVICTED of killing a Peruvian woman named Stephany Flores. Why not say, “Convicted Killer Joran Van Der Sloot…” I guess the life of a Peruvian woman just isn’t as important to US media…but whatever…
Another reason this is annoying is that it’s just another right that Joran seems to think he deserves to have, even though it’s something his victims will never get to enjoy.
It’s also annoying because why is the prison system so lax that he’s able to meet young women?
And why the hell did this woman agree to marry a guy who has been convicted of killing one woman and is the primary suspect in the death of another? Is it her lifelong dream to be a statistic? Does she have some sort of masochistic fascination with serial killers?
I don’t know…
When Van Der Sloot originally went to jail I was holding out hope for the article titled “Convicted Murderer of Young Woman Joran Van Der Sloot Shanked in Prison.” I was kind of waiting for justice to come along and move this smudge from the face of the planet. But he’s still kicking around, and now he seems to think he has the right to get married.
It seems to me that the whole insanity defense was designed to give grieving fathers a reason to take out scumballs like this. He’ll get his sooner or later, I just hope he doesn’t get a chance to kill his soon to be bride first.
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