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Secretly, Mama Africa in Cusco kind of sucks and the reason is as clear as day in the above picture! It’s all filled with GRINGOS in there! You don’t want to fly from Europe or the US or China to party with GRINGOS! You want to party with Peruvians!

Back in my day, when I went out to a bar I always made sure that I was the ONLY white guy in the whole frickin place!  Well…actually I didn’t make much of an effort to do that…but the truth is that you never saw too many white guys in the bars.  There’d be some in the bars in Miraflores (which is the only good reason to avoid Pizza St. actually), but if you’re in a bar in Barranco, the number of white guys drops dramatically (and the number of dirty white guys rises exponentially…but those guys are too stoned to be any threat).
The bars in Cusco suck for the most part.  I don’t know why.  Maybe it’s just that all the tourists who go through there have left an annoying residue that has forever tarnished the town.  Cusco hardly feels Peruvian in many ways.  It’s one of those places that obviously started out as this quaint little village, but which has been changed forever by the popularity of Machu Picchu.  I wonder what Cusco must have been like back in 1900!  Honestly, back then it would have been just as cool as a place to go, except there wouldn’t have been a McDonald’s in the Plaza de Armas…and there wouldn’t have been a Starbucks either!
I suppose the influx of money has probably been to the advantage of the people of Cusco, but in all the times I’ve been there, I still haven’t discovered the bar that the locals go to.
I know this much…it isn’t Mama Africa!
For Mama Africa…just get your free rum and coke and get out!
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