Imbecile Gets His Bike Stolen for Being Too Clever

Ok, what’s the thinking here?
I guess it’s that if you put a heavy chain on your wheel, it makes it impossible for the wheel to spin (the chain would get jammed up in the fork).  Thus making the bicycle impossible to steal.
Well, sure you couldn’t ride it…
But what about picking up the whole bike and tossing it into the back of a pick-up truck?
I mean…what the heck?  Just because you ride a bicycle do you suddenly forget that there are other forms of transportation in the world?  You could pick this bike up and roll it on its back wheel if you wanted to steal it.  If you’re going to carry around a chain, why not use it effectively?  Why not chain it to a post or a tree or something (you can see one in the background!
The whole issue of bike theft is kind of an interesting one.  Bike thieves are pretty clever individuals and it’s pretty hard to lock your bicycle up safely even if you do take two seconds to try and do it right.  The above case is one of those instances that should be stamped with “NOT SECURE” in big red letters.  In fact, it would have been worth waiting around for this idiot to come out of the store and just slap him or her across the face for being a moron.
Who throws a chain on his FRONT wheel and just leans the bike against a wall.  This guy DESERVES to have his bicycle stolen.  What a frickin’ idiot!!!  I mean, it’s such an apathetic, lazy effort that the more I think about it, the more I become FILLED WITH RAGE!!!


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