Inca Trail Day 4: Hiking Above Choquequirao

 Day 4 of the Inca Trail hike was one of the toughest days of the whole thing. The other hard days were the 20 mile hike on the first day, crossing the Yanama pass at 16,000 ft. But there was just something about Day 4 that kicked my butt (and as a result, I didn’t take all that many pictures).

We climbed out of the valley where Choquequirao sits, descended all the way down to the river, and then climbed up another mountain almost all the way to the top. It was brutal, and though we only covered 8 or 10 miles, the terrain was tough.

I didn’t really know what awaited me, and in the morning all I could think of was how sad I was to be leaving Choquequirao behind. The above picture is another set of the city’s irrigation system that you run into partway up the mountain. I believe this stone ditch runs all the way up to the glacier on top of the mountain.

 Looking back down the irrigation canal towards Choquequirao

 Martin comes across me. As usual, I’d been hiking about 1.5 hours, and Martin had been running about 20 minutes.

 The guy who is not a world-champion and bronze medalist cross-country skier (YOU go and compete with Martin Koukal in any kind of athletic activity and see how well you fare).

 Higher up the hill, looking down at Choquequirao.

 Choquequirao from above, this gives you a good perspective of the layout of the ruins.

 The whole ruins.

One of my several attempts at a self-portrait with the ruins in the distance.

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