Inca Trail Day 5: Victoria Pass

 This is probably the worst photo I could have used to start this photo set, but it was the next one in order so I threw it up there. There really is nothing like living in a tent. Honestly, tent life doesn’t have to be so frickin’ miserable. When you think about it, the American Indians really had things figured out. You make a tee-pee out of non-flammable animal hides and you put a FIRE in there!

Seriously, why do modern campers use materials that don’t allow you to have a FIRE inside your shelter! Look, if you’re completely outside and you have a fire, you’re toasty warm. If you put that inside a structure, it’s like being at the beach. Why do we camp shivering inside little plastic bubbles that don’t allow a heating source? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

Anyway, the morning bell rings and I’m off through the door:

 Here’s Roberto getting ready. For those of you who are worried about the porters, they slept in that hut to the left. Yes, it had a dirt floor, but they had a FIRE in there!

 I use the below photo in all of my presentations. The joke is that the dog was following me because he thought I was going to keel over and he’d have an easy meal.

Whoever the little farmer is who decided to build his house on that hill…well, he probably has some complaints in life, but at least he’s got a nice view. Hell, that guy’s gut a nicer view than billionaires do. When people say there are things more valuable in life than money, this is one of the arguments that justify it.

 Waving goodbye, camera on zoom:

 The road ahead. The Inca Trail gets overgrown at times.

 The previous night’s camp from about an hour or two hike up the road.

 Another beautiful place to live.

 All this guy needs is a helipad and he could rent out a room here to rich tourists at $1000 a day. He’d make more than he did his entire life.

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