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One of the fun things about living in Lima is watching how movie titles get destroyed in translation. For some bizarre reason, production companies somtimes radically change the names of films even when the original title was something that could be easilly translated (for example, I just saw an ad for a film that was titled “The Uninvited” in English and is “La Maldicion de las Hermanas” or “the curse of the sisters” in Spanish). The result of this is that when you go to the movies, you have to stand there at the ticket counter and try to guess what the new name is of the film you want to see. A couple more that spring to mind are:

1. There Will be Blood–translated as “Petroleo Sangriento” or “Bloody Oil”…which is actually a cooler sounding name we have to admit.
2. No Country for Old men–translated as “Sin Lugar por los Debiles” or “No place for the weak”…which actually sounds pretty good in Spanish.
3. The Departed–translated as “Los Infiltrados” or “The Infiltrated”…which is actually a more accurate name.

Anyway, the reason I have brought all this up is that I noticed that “Inglorious Basterds” as it is known in English is here translated as “Bastardos Sin Gloria.” The reason I like this is that in Spanish they show not the slightest qualm about spelling out the word “Bastards,” which they had to intentionally misspell on the American poster, presumably because of bullshit profanity laws that don’t allow thousands of movie posters to be put on display that have a vulgar word on it. I don’t know if that’s why Tarantino decided to write it BastErds instead of Bastards, but it’s my suspicion that’s the case.

But just taking a pause for one moment, doesn’t it strike anybody as bizarre that you can’t write “Bastards” but “Basterds” is completely acceptable? I mean, what’s so offensive about the letter A in this instance that is so completely and irrevocably removed when you change it to a letter E?

Frickin’ stupid.

I only bring this up because America always likes to talk about how they give a shit about freedom of speech, but they clearly don’t…and don’t go telling me that this is a minor instance…when it comes to freedom of speech, there are NO minor instances…it’s not something to be dicked around with.

Bunch of Basterds…

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