Is Advertising in Peru Racist?

One of my readers on Facebook (see Dean…Facebook is good for something every now and then) sent me this interesting link to a news story which suggest advertising in Peru is racist (take note, this web page seems to take a long time to load up).
The point they’re making is that the people on all the advertisements in Peru are white, while the actual people in Peru look much different.
This news story is very polite and just scratches the surface of what is a major issue in Peru. The truth is that they shouldn’t be asking a question, but instead making a flat out declaration that advertising in Peru is extremely racist.
When I was working with Living in Peru, I remember that an advertisement appeared in Saga Falabella with an image of Magaly Solier. It was notable because Magaly Solier has an extremely indigenous look. This hasn’t been the beginning of a trend, however, and I can’t recall having seen indigenous looking people in advertising in Peru since then (Magaly was only included because she’d been in some celebrated films).
Of course, the whole game of advertising is one of those things that’s totally rigged. It’s another one of those artificial occupations which is designed to give “jobs” to the children of rich assholes who would otherwise spend all their time drunk and in rehab like Lindsay Lohan. People like to maintain the illusion that you can actually be a nobody and have a career in modeling, but that’s not the case. In fact, huge sums of money are probably spent maintaining this illusion so that the sons and daughters of rich people aren’t even more of an embarrassment than they are already (jobs in music, film and writing are this way too).
Probably some of this misperception is designed to entice attractive girls from the jungle and the mountains to come to Lima in search of a modeling career, only to end up as “massage girls” servicing the wealthy-elite in one of the many parlor/brothels of Lima. It seems to me that if these women are attractive enough to serve in that capacity, they are also attractive enough to work as respectable models. I suppose if the racism against indigenous looking people were eliminated, it would reduce the pool of potential prostitutes, which is why the ruling class won’t ever allow it.
Money and sex are at the root of most decisions.

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