Jose Pardo

Here’s Jose Pardo…the street. I assume Jose Pardo is also a person because they don’t just name streets with random names that don’t stand for anybody…but I have no idea who Jose Pardo is so beyond being the guy the stree Jose Pardo is named for he made no contribution to the world as far as I’m concerned.

But as far as streets go, this is a pretty good one. I have to say that it’s probably one of the more photogenic streets in Lima since you have all those psychotic gnarly trees clawing up at you from the sidelines like a scene out of Poltergeist (I still can’t watch that movie). I like how the street lamps line up as well and sort of merge into an eternal line of glowing white beads…(not glowing so much during the day…but you know what I mean).

Arequipa is another street in Lima that’s got a nice walking boulevard down the center, but there aren’t as many trees.

In all honesty, not too much craziness ever takes place on Jose Pardo, but if you’re bored some Saturday night at about 2 in the morning and in the mood to stumble into something that’s probably more than you can handle, I recommend walking up Arequipa all the way to the center of lima and then down Alphonso Ugarte (a lap around plaza Bolognesi should be thrown in for good fun too).

PLEASE! Do that and then write about your adventure and send it to me, I’ll publish it, I guarantee it!

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