KISS at the Estadio Nacional, Lima, Peru

I don’t know about the rest of you, but for me, one of the best things about any concert is just hanging out with the thronging masses before the show. Here in Lima, there is, of course, a different vibe than in other cities of the world. It’s just exciting to be in a place like Peru with 30,000+ other people milling about, all of them covered in KISS facepaint. How weird a situation is that?

So anyway, my wife and I fought through the traffic of Arequipa and got to the stadium where poeple were offering to paint your face for 5 Soles (they probably made a good profit), or were selling pirate souvenier T-shirts (for 10 Soles…good business except for the shirts you can’t sell) or KISS buttons (not so popular, the kid lost money I think).

It was really dark with a bunch of spotlights so the whole ambiance kind of resembled a cheap zombie movie (especially with everybody having their face painted white). I whipped out my cell and was taking these pictures, but my wife was getting nervous. She thought people were swarming around me ready to rob me. It might or might not have been true, big crowds do attract pickpockets after all. But I managed to snap these shots and not have anything terrible happen (although like always, you take the pictures as quickly as possible and then hide the phone before you draw too much attention).

There were massive lines of people all around the estadio. I’m not even sure what they were waiting for because it seemed like you could just show your ticket and go right in. Maybe they were just chillin’ and drinkin’ and waiting for the concert to start so they could have a party outside throughout its duration. KISS likes to end it’s shows with fireworks, and I suppose if you didn’t have anything else to do on a Tuesday night, you might as well sit outside the KISS concert and see what you can see.

So there they are again, a few more wackos milling about. The guy in the center looks like he just got out of a congressional meeting.
So anyway, there’s the crowds for you. Tomorrow, the concert itself!

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