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I should have done this article a month ago, but I got busy and forgot…however, since the KISS concert was yesterday and I’ve been thinking of nothing but KISS all morning, I might as well do this little story about the tickets.

The thing is, my wife really hasn’t gone to many rock shows, so I figured we might as well do KISS and she could get initiated to rock in style. So I went down to Plaza Vea (or wherever it was) and I asked what it cost to get front row tickets to KISS. Oddly enough, they actually STILL HAD tickets, because here in Peru the stadium fills in from back (where the tickets are cheap) to the front (where they actually get expensive).

I don’t know what concerts cost in the US anymore, but I remember getting crappy tickets to see Eric Clapton once and they were around 80$. Here, we got tickets for the KISS ARMY section of the stadium (a massive crowded block right in front of the stage where there were no seats assigned, you just had to vie for position like a wild beast). Anyway, the tickets were like 120$, once again showing why Peru is the best place in the world to live (you get everything so cheap…the price on shown on the ticket above is in Soles in case you get confused by the descrepancy in numbers).

So, my wife saw the episode of “Family Guy” where Lois embarrassed herself by not knowing any of the lyrics to KISS songs so she, my wife, got all traumatized and started downloading and memorizing all their songs (just in case they shoved a microphone in her face during the concert). Well, that didn’t happen, but we had an awesome time in any case which I will tell you about probably tomorrow!

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