La Merced

In case you were ever wondering what jungle towns look like in Peru, well, here’s la Merced. And actually, in my experience, every single town in Peru is different. Sure, sure, they’re all similar in some ways, but what I’m trying to say is that the difference you will encounter between various towns in Peru is radically different than the difference you would find between various towns in…say…Wisconsin (and even in Wisconsin they think they’re radically different when they’re separated by 10 miles or so…news flash, you’re not!).
Most jungle towns (and La Merced is only semi-jungle) are filled with those little motocyclos or coosters or whatever they call them (moto coosters?), that buzz around madly. You really get the impression that there’s no sense in doing any work in a jungle type town because it’s warm all the time so there’s nothing to prepare for, and if you ever get hungry you can just go and eat a fish.
Actually, I didn’t get what the deal was with La Merced. It’s right on the border with San Ramon (the same name as the street which is the infamos Calle de los Pizzas in Miraflores). Are they two cities? What’s going on?
Confusing, but I’m not really losing sleep over it.

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