Lima Security Fence

I’ve decided to jack up my photos a little bit for this page. There…if I needed a shot in the arm to do something different for 2013, I think this can be it. I’ll pick 30 photos early on in the month and then edit them up into something more beautiful than they started, and use them as a springboard to my typical rants.

Honestly, I’ve been looking for some good photo editing software for a long time. There is no shortage of software out there, but finding good photo editing software is a trick. Heck, most modern cameras allow you to adjust the pictures with the image still on the memory card.

It’s interesting just how much detail your cameras pick up but which isn’t necessarily visible on the finished image. For example, the texture of the sidewalk in the above image is not something that you saw in the unedited picture. Plus, it’s amazing how much better a photo looks when it has a frame.

Also, although this photo is edited, I think it gives you a much better idea of what walking around Lima actually looks like than the non-edited photo.

I’m going to add the following line to my signature below…who knows, if I do 363 (not 365 since I’ve already put up two photos this year) images like this, maybe I’ll sell 10 or 20 (it’s free money anyway since I’m doing this profit or not):

If you would like a high resolution file of the above image for a print, just send $10 to my paypal account at, and mention the title and date of the post where the image appeared. Be sure to include an email I can contact you with for questions.

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