Local Women Destroy a Brothel In Mala, Peru

This is awesome! I was just watching Peruvian the TV when this came on. The words at the bottom read “Pobladores de Mala Destruyen Prostibulos de la Ciudad” or “Mala Locals Destroy City Brothels.” All I managed to do was take a quick screen shot, but you should have seen it! These women were PISSED! They were throwing rocks at the place, screaming, kicking, and when there wasn’t anybody to scream or yell at, they’d do things like grab clothing off hangers and throw it down in the dirt…(I’m not sure that accomplished anything, but it probably made them feel better).

Why was this happening?

Well, a couple days ago in this article, I mentioned how 20$ is about 10% of a person’s wages in Lima (somebody wrote in to tell me it’s more like 20%, which is true for the provinces, but I was referring mainly to Lima…although whether it’s 10% or 20% is irrelevant since either number is WAY TOO FRICKIN’ LOW!—but I digress).

Anyway, that being the case that people don’t make any money, imagine how infuriating it would be to be the wife of some guy who only brings home 100$ a month, and on payday he just happens to stop by some bar where some girl manages to squeeze 30$-40$ out of him.

Sure, people in the US are going to sit there and cry foul against the man and say that he should have never stopped into that place, or that he should have been stronger willed, or any other of a thousand anti-male slogans that have permeated the mainstream to the point where they seem to be fact. But the FACT is that many of these prosti’s here in Peru dope guys up one way or another (date rape drugs can be used on guys too you know)…it’s a nasty business, and you know who ends up being the main VICTIM? No, not the man (although he is too), the victim is the man’s poor wife who is sitting at home waiting for the month’s paycheck that some whore just ran off with.

You know, the whole casting blame thing is entirely irrelevant anyway. What needs to happen is that those brothels get shut down. THEY’RE ILLEGAL! Although even that is problematic because hookers don’t necessarily need a brothel to ply their trade. They frickin’ come out of the woodwork.

Well, the wives of Mala at least took matters into their own hands and went after some known hang-outs with rocks and fury and, apparently, brought the place down. And something about those images was really empowering to me. You know, the thing that’s always driven me nuts about the whole feminist movement is that it seems to have given power to airhead morons like Megan Fox instead of…whoever the leading female brain surgeon of the day is (I don’t even know her name of course, because not even the feminist movement–and by that I’m blaming the WOMEN involved with feminist PR–has given her any press). I’m actually really INTERSTED in learing more about competent, intelligent women…but we never GET that…all we GET is the blathering garble of idiots like the aformentioned Fox.

So, that being said, it was kind of nice to see some REAL women stand up and bring these plastic bimbos down!

I wrote an article the other day about where the prostitutes are in Lima, and received one or two angry comments as this was a somehow inappropriate thing to write about. As one of my readers guessed, I only wrote the article because it was a popular search term that had brought people onto my site. Prostitution is a nasty business, and it’s not going to go away anytime soon, so I think the media should grow the hell up and start talking about it like adults (and that means readers should be a little more accepting of articles written on the subject). But the main thing that needs to happen is that people accept the reality of prostitution. Look, a situation from the Liam Neeson movie “Taken” is rare, it’s not like every chick that is a prostitute is some abducted innocent who is only doing what she’s doing becaue some evil arab has gotten her addicted to heroin. In reality, it’s generally a case of a girl trying to make a quick buck, and when that happens the people who suffer are other women.

So here’s a toast to the women of Mala, who rose up and put those chicks in their place…for the moment at least.

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  1. 09/28/2016

    "As one of my readers guessed, I only wrote the article because it was a popular search term that had brought people onto my site."

    Nice! What do I win? A free subscription to Streets of Lima? 😉 No, seriously…

  2. Anonymous

    Prostitution is definitely legal (and heavily regulated) in Peru, as are brothels — http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prostitution_in_Peru

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