Machu Picchu And Sanctuary Lodge Photo Set

 Here are just some random photos of the Machu Picchu entry gate that I took on my 2011 trip to Peru. That top picture is the bus that will take you from Aguas Calientes up to the ruins. Honestly, if you’re in any kind of physical condition at all, you should forego the bus and just hike. However, a lot of people find they can’t hike because they book their trip with some ridiculous agency that makes them spend their whole trip on the run (rather than scheduling time for them to just hang out and enjoy the ambiance of a place).

I really don’t understand people on vacation. You can’t be constantly “running somewhere” or “doing something” and expect to grab the vibe of another country. Heck, the fact that people think they can comprehend a nation after a one or two week trip is baffling.  I guess maybe the reality is that people don’t really want to “know” the country. The standard person’s vacation is the logistical equivalent of a one night stand. They go to a country, rush through it at breakneck speed, and run away before they can learn anything more than a vague superficial impression. More people should be like me and offer their target destinations a 10 year commitment. That’s when you become a little more mature and learn to accept the good and the bad.

Here’s a sign for the Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge. I’ve never stayed here, I hear it costs like a bazillion dollars.

 Another picture, I almost always take two pictures.

 The prices for your fifteen minute bus ride back down the mountain. For many people, paying $8 is no grand thing…but this is really too expensive.

Here’s the ticket. I was too worn out from the Inca Trail hike to walk back down so I coughed up the money. I guess there are some times when paying $8 for a 15 minute bus ride does seem reasonable.

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