Machu Picchu Entrance Gate

I’ve just been going through one of my recent photo sets to Peru randomly, and I thought I’d throw up these pictures of the Machu Picchu entrance area that few people probably think to take pictures of.

That area under the stairs with the green canopy is where you used to be able to buy your tickets. However, that was too convenient, so now you must buy your tickets online or at the visitor’s center in Aguas Calientes. Why it was totally impossible to conceive of a way to have the ticket office right there at Machu Picchu is beyond me. Actually, when I sit and think about it, it kind of pisses me off because it’s LOGICAL that the ticket entrance be at the GATE!  Why WOULDN’T you have it there?  That’s frickin’ STUPID!!!!

Well, as stupid as it may be, that’s the way it is. You have to buy your tickets in Aguas Calientes, and if you forget, you have to hike back down and get them.

Here’s one of the guides that hangs out at Machu Picchu all day long waiting for somebody to give him a couple of bucks so he can walk around with you all day and tell you stories about the ruins he just made up.

Really folks…do you want to invite some random person to walk around with you all day?  Look, if you want to learn about the ruins…BUY A BOOK! But while you’re actually AT Machu Picchu, enjoy your time with your family without having some creepy “guide” tell you where you should go.

I frickin’ hate the guides.

Here’s another shot of the entrance. Yeah, there’s no room there to put up a kiosk with a computer and a printer so you could buy a ticket online and print it out on the spot.  Bunch of BS.

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