Machu Picchu in the Mist

Here’s a nice Machu Picchuy picture because I’ve been ranting and raving about horrible stuff lately and I thought I needed a bit of perspective. Seriously, maybe pictures like this are what this blog should be about every day…just a bunch of awesome pictures of a totally cool country that you can look at while you’re sitting in your miserable cubicle in some bullshit corner of the US or some other ridiculous country that just thinks it the shit…trying to believe all that crap you’re fed on a daily basis about how lucky you are to live there even though you’re up to your eyeballs in debt, you traded in your masculinity thirty years ago, and nobody can stand to hang out with you more than five seconds when you’re sober.
I’m telling you, I’m literally counting the days until the next time I get to Peru. It’s walking on eggshells right now, I feel like Sylvester Stallone in “Lock Up,” like deep down I KNOW that I only have to endure a couple more weeks of bullshit and it will all be over, but they just keep pushing and pushing and pushing trying to provoke me into doing something stupid that will force me to remain in purgatory for the rest of my natural life.
What a fucked up country the US is. I mean seriously.
Honestly, I just figured it out the other day. The thing that’s so terrifying about the US is that there’s just this ever present sense of authority. It’s like eyes are on you all the time so you better fucking behave or somebody’s going to GET you!
To make matters worse, just about every fucking thing is on video these days, so you really can’t just guard your speech anymore, the only way you’re safe is by limiting what you actually think. It’s psycho. Add to that the fact that every mailman or laundromat attendant, despite whatever level of education they might have obtained, somehow magically knows that they can sue you for any goddamned thing here…and it’s like you’re walking a tightrope to slavery by the minute.
Time to get off the grid and build a fortress in the middle of the rain forest and stock up on guns and ammunition.
I am 100% serious when I say that I feel a whole lot safer and secure in Peru than I do in the US. Take from that what you will, but it’s the honest truth.
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  1. Anonymous

    Come on Ben, put your cock on the block.

    Renounce you US citizenship, hand back your passport and become 100% Peruvian.

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