Maintenance Cost Should Be Equal Portions and not by Area of Appartment

This is one of those issuse that really gets me burning. A lot of times when you move into an appartment you think you’re getting a sweet deal, until some guy turns up and the end of the month with some absurd notion of how YOU should be paying 36% of the total maintenance cost of the building even though there are 17 appartments.


People are always going to figure out a way to be cheap I guess, but the thing that drives me crazy is how it has fallen into COMMON KNOWLEDGE that an acceptable way of dividing up the maintenance cost of a building is by percentages based on the area of each appartment! Dividing it up that way makes absolutely NO sense and anyone who has anything more than a third grade understanding of math can tell that almost instantaneously.

First of all, let me remind everybody that maintenance cost is for COMMON AREAS! The elevator, the stairways and the salary of the doormen. Therefore it only makes sense that Maintenance cost be divided EQUALLY. But since you pretty much lose that argument right from the get-go, you should at least be able to convince people that common areas should figure into the determining percentage of cost.

You see, what happens is that people think that adding an equal number to every appartment doesn’t change the outcome…but it does! Let me demonstrate.

Say you have a building with 2 appartments, one appartment is 1000 sq feet and the other is 500 sq feet. In addition to the two appartments, there is also 1000 sq feet of common use area. And let’s say that the monthly maintenance fee is $300.

Now, if you go just by the areas of the appartments to determine the percentage fee, you get something like this:

Appartment 1 (1000 sq ft) / total appartment size (1500 sq feet) X $300 = $200

Appartment 2 (500 sq ft) / total appartment size (1500 sq feet) X $300 = $100

Now, see how the calculations work out if you divide up the common area and factor it in while you’re making your calculation:

Appartment 1 [(1000 sq ft) + (500 sq feet common area)] / (2500 sq feet total area) X $300 = $180

Appartment 2 [(500 sq ft) + (500 sq feet common area)] / (2500 sq feet total area) X $300 = $120

You see! If you factor in common area in this case, it’s a 10% difference.

Now obviously, the calculations don’t always work out the same, but what ALWAYS happens is that if you add an approximation for common areas the bigger appartments always pay a little less and the smaller appartments always pay a little more. I’ve worked this out by hand for a couple of different buildings and you know what I’ve found? I’ve found that the end result almost always approximates the simple method of DIVIDING THE MONTHLY MAINTENANCE FEE UP EQUALLY BY APPARTMENT! Seriously, that’s the only fair way to do it…but since most people are lazy bastards who are shitty at math, nobody can figure that out!

Sigh…I guess I’ll just have to use my superior math skills to buy up the world and then force people to do things the RIGHT way…I’m looking forward to listenting to them complain as I enslave them…but heck, they had the chance to learn mathematics…they could have prevented my getting so pissed off. I feel no sympathy!!!!

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