McDonald’s 1$ Menu In Peru

My wife takes great pride in the fact that she’s never eaten at McDonald’s.  In all honesty, she’s not a real big fan of any of those “trademark” American brands that hit you repeatedly in the face with a multi-billion advertising budget.  But as you can see from the above billboard, even in Peru it’s hard to escape that nonsense.
The really goofy stuff happens when utter idiots start questioning your patriotism because you’re willing to admit that things like McDonald’s and Coke are utter crap that have done nothing to help the world.  The fact that these two brands are probably what the US will go down in history for (in a distant third place is a forgotten footprint on the moon) is kind of a sad deal really.
The days of Americans playing around in fields making flying machines are long gone.  These days, all they do is figure out new ways to manipulate corn syrup into something that more or less approximates the taste of hamburger or chicken.
Yes, the $1 menu has made its way to Peru, where it is known as the “less than S/. 5” menu…which is more than $1, but still pretty cheap.  You’d frankly have to be a complete moron to eat the garbage McDonald’s S/. 5 meal when you can get a perfectly healthy beans/rice/meat menu at one of the small Peruvian restaurants that appear everywhere throughout the city.  But I have to admit that I’ve hit that stupid S/. 5 two piece chicken once or twice (note, it’s only a good deal if you order NOTHING else, the second you throw a garbage Coke or other crap carbonated beverage, you’re back to paying close to S/. 10 again).
The sad thing is that when you go into a McDonald’s in Peru, it’s not filled with only idiot tourists who are too poorly educated to know any better.  Half the time, the places are overflowing with Peruvians.  I really can’t figure out what entices them other than a misplaced love of all things American (we all know people don’t go to McDonald’s for the food).
Seriously…don’t go to McDonald’s…go to Bembo’s.
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