If you read this web page long enough, you’ll notice a lot of pictures of Sacsayhuaman. The reason for that is that Sacsayhuaman is one of the coolest set of ruins in all the world, not to mention Peru (Cheap Flights to Peru).

This image is from my very first trip to Cusco. As you can see we had some pretty spectacular days with these blue clouds that cast a beautiful soft light over everything.  In the above image, I’m standing in just one tiny segment of Sacsayhuaman (there are about 15 or 20 more angles like this just on the bottom level).
In some ways, Sacsayhuaman is even more impressive than Machu Picchu because the stone work is better.  Look behind me in the above photo and you’ll see that the seams between those rocks are absolutely tiny.
I tell you what, Peru is a great place to go and escape.  I’ve been in the US for the last couple months and I’m eagerly looking forward to getting ahead with all my work and then flying down to Peru and spending a month or so in the rain forest without any access to internet, telephone or anybody.  I know that I’ll emerge (at some point…maybe I’ll get smart and just STAY there) and there will be five hundred messages waiting for me…but who cares?  Living in the jungle for a time gives you perspective.  And sometimes it’s fun to disappear from the grid for a year or so and then come back and catch up on all the movies or whatever that you missed (or realize that you haven’t missed anything).
Television and the internet have really made people forget how glorious it is to just walk around on a grassy hill on a nice summer day and enjoy being alive.  That’s the kind of thing you can remember again in Peru (LAN Flights).

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