Me with the Thai Ambassador to Peru

I went to an event not to long ago at the Marriott hotel in Lima. Now, before I go any further, you need to know that in Peru, the Marriott is the best hotel in the world. I seem to have memories about going to Marriotts in the US where it was like thirty dollars a night, but here in Peru, Marriott means five stars.

Anyway, I got invited to cover this promotion for the Thai Festival that is going to be happening here in Peru from the 15th to the 18th of March (you can read my article here).

Well, apparently it’s a huge Faux Pas to show up at the Marriott in shorts. Still, I just marched boldly in there and started chatting away to the Ambassador of Thailand (before I knew who he was). He was actually pretty happy to talk to me because he knew about Livinginperu and his English was very good. Anyway, I thought just the fact that he was an Ambassador to a cool country like Thailand was awesome, so I asked if I could take my picture with him.

The presentation of the Thai food continued with this watermelon as the center piece:
Somebody must have taken a while to carve that don’t you think? After the chef got done introducing the various plates, we were allowed to eat them. It was awesome. For a split second, I toyed with the idea of approaching the watermelon with a spoon and dishing out big red chunks of watermelon flesh right in front of everyone, but I decided that I didn’t want everybody to hate me just then.

Here’s a picture of the whole gathering including the chef who prepared the meal and the ambassador:
I’ll probably be heading out to their Thai buffet at the Marriot this Sunday (in pants). I’ll take some pictures probably, look for a review here or on!

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