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On my recent trip to Peru I talked with a lot of friends and family who were interested in coming to visit me in the US.  However, coming all the way up to Wisconsin was too much for them.  Still, all you have to do is look at a map and you see that Orlando is pretty much the perfect meeting point for Americans who have contacts in South America.  If you’re traveling from abroad and you don’t have an American contact like me to rely on, you can  get all the information you need from

I was in Miami recently and it’s actually remarkable how often Spanish is spoken there.  Orlando is far more English heavy than Miami, but it’s such a melting pot of cultures that you hear just about every language spoken up there.

As I continue to try and juggle having my wife’s family in Peru, and my family in the US, Florida becomes more and more of an attractive destination.  However, I love to cross-country ski, and you simply can’t do that in Florida.  But maybe in another ten years or so when I’m ready to just enjoy good food and luxury (as well as beautiful sunny days), instead of making myself do marathon length races all winter in sub-freezing conditions.

When I was growing up we used to escape to Florida in the middle of winter from time to time.  My dad worked with Ocean Spray, and they once organized a year end meeting at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort.  It was a pretty incredible hotel I have to admit, especially for a family that was used to staying at Super 8 or the Comfort Inn.  The Swan and Dolphin is neat because there is a ferry that goes right from the hotel to Disney World.  But there are a lot of options in Orlando, even Vacation Homes.

It would be kind of cool to reunite all my friends from Peru and their extended families in Orlando  some time.  Of course, I think there would be a personality clash just from the random expats I’ve met over the years.  Once you get their families involved, I’m not sure what would happen.  I’ll just assume it will be awesome and start arranging it!

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